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Cage Free Eggs CT | Cage Free Eggs Connecticut

Cage Free Eggs CT – For Wholesome Cage Free Eggs, Trust CMC Food – Looking for cage free eggs that you can trust came from a reputable source? Look to CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs CT to provide you with peace of mind. We have been in this business since 1984 as a family owned operation. It’s always been our policy to be honest about where our eggs come from, with clear, easy to understand labels for your convenience. Our company representatives are on hand to provide answers to your questions or concerns. One of the questions we hear often is the difference between cage free and free range. Well, we want to educate our consumers so here’s an explanation:

Cage free eggs originate from cage free chickens, encouraged to freely roam the barn to peck, scratch, nest, socialize, and walk about. However, they don’t get access to the outdoors like free range chickens do. Many people think the two are interchangeable but this is not so. Cage free hens are not confined to small battery cages that prohibit the use of their wings. Neither are free range chickens. In fact, they can both move freely about. The only difference is the access to outdoor living.

It’s not always that cut and dried, through. In fact, this area of egg production is poorly managed by the USDA so what you see isn’t always what you get. When it comes to free range chickens, it’s left up to the farmers what they will feed their birds, how much, and how long the hens will have access to the outdoors. Quality of that outdoor life also comes into play here. While free range chickens may be allowed to go outside, they don’t always get out there. That’s because many chickens prefer the sanctuary provided by the structure they’re in, so they’re away from the curious nature of predators.

Sometimes the cage free distinction has you thinking about chickens roaming freely in a field all day long, but this is a picture more likely painted by farmers with pasture raised chickens, which is something entirely different. Free range eggs and cage free eggs in CT are similar but with subtle differences. Remember, CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs CT is always upfront about our eggs and where they came from.

At CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs CT, we are proud to be your top-notch source for cage free eggs, making a commitment to stand behind the products we sell. We are always looking to provide you with the best possible products, which is why we offer you our latest private label brand, The Farmer’s Hen. These products feature 100% cage free eggs and chickens that are Certified Humane Raised and Handled, fed a diet of vegetarian feed and raised in the USA. These USDA Certified Organic products originate from hens given a 100% organic feed, and the farmers that raise them only use chemical-free soil to produce the very best crops for their hens.

Always be diligent when in the dairy aisle of your local grocer. Read labels and be aware of what you’re buying. You’ll soon realize the CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs CT difference. Give us a call today at 888-569-5900 to learn more.

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