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Cage Free Eggs MD | Cage Free Eggs Maryland

Cage Free Eggs MD – We Give You Top-Quality Cage Free and Free Range Eggs in MD – CMC Food is proud to offer clear labels, transparency in our customers offerings, and stellar customer service when it comes to free range eggs and cage free eggs in MD. Our tasty yet healthy products have been a staple of our company since we got our start in 1984 as a family owned operation. We boast an open and honest policy about where our eggs come from!

Cage Free Eggs MD

Looking for cage free eggs in MD for your retail store? We have what you need. It’s important to know the distinction between cage free and free range chickens in order to make an educated decision. In a nutshell, cage free hens are allowed to roam around the barn to peck, scratch, nest, socialize, walk and run without confinement to small battery cages that prohibit the use of their wings. They rest in bedding material such as pine shavings, and use perches and nesting boxes to lay their eggs daily. Although farmers and egg producers can get certification through many distinctions such as Certified Humane, Animal Welfare Approved, Animal Humane Certified, Food Alliance Certified, or United Egg Producers Certified, this portion of egg production is not clearly regulated by the USDA. This means the government-regulated standards in cage free egg production are not always as easy to understand and follow as they should be. Same goes with free range egg production.

Wondering about the benefits of cage free eggs in MD? They’re healthier than commercial grade eggs, that much we know. In addition, research has concluded that caged hens have a greater risk of salmonella infection than their cage free counterparts. Hens that are kept confined in small cages have a higher stress level, which puts them at greater risk for diseases and infections. In larger flocks, disease spreads faster. The average caged flock has 100,000 hens while the average cage-free flock has just 25,000.

Free Range Eggs

Free range eggs in MD are just as tasty as cage free. They are different in one crucial way: these hens are given access to the outdoors for a portion of the day. They are like cage free hens in all other ways, with no confinement to battery cages. Sometimes free range hens don’t go outside because of a basic instinct to stay within the protection of the barn, but the option is there. They have several health benefits over commercial grade eggs:

  • Less cholesterol and saturated fat
  • More vitamin A and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and beta carotene

Cage Free Eggs MD – Your Destination for Wholesale Eggs in MD

CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs MD has many private label brands that feature cage free eggs in MD, most notably our latest achievement: The Farmer’s Hen. With these eggs, you get 100% cage free eggs from chickens that are Certified Humane Raised and Handled, fed a diet of vegetarian feed and raised in the USA. They are USDA Certified Organic, with eggs laid by hens that enjoy100% organic feed. In addition, the farmers that raise them only use chemical-free soil so the crops their hens have access to are tops when it comes to quality.

When stocking your shelves, or visiting your local grocer as a consumer, read labels and ask questions about free range eggs in MD. CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs MD would be happy to answer more of your questions at 888-569-5900.

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