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CMC Food: Your Source for Cage Free NJ Eggs

Cage Free Eggs NJ  – Welcome to CMC Food! We provide fresh shell eggs and egg products throughout the Northeast, and have been doing this since 1984. As a family owned and operated retail and wholesale egg provider marketing private label, local label, and national branded eggs and egg products, CMC is proud to sell eggs cage free in NJ as well as the following:

  • Organic
  • Omega 3
  • All-natural
  • Free range
  • Hard cooked peeled
  • Shell-on

We are a second-generation family owned business, which all started when Charlie Culley opened our doors backed by 32 years in the food industry business. He was only 15 when he began working at a local supermarket stocking shelves and pushing carts. He moved up the industry ladder over the years, from department manager to store manager to vice president. In 1971, he became the president of a small egg company that would eventually grow into the biggest egg company in the New York Metro Market. He left that company to branch out on his own in 1984 and CMC Food was born!

Cage Free Eggs NJ – We recently added The Farmer’s Hen brand…

Cage Free Eggs NJ  – If you’re looking for high-quality, tasty cage free NJ eggs, CMC is your go-to source. Our local and national branded products include Nature’s Design, Eggland’s Best and 4 Grain. We sell a variety of types to suit your needs: cage free, organic, vegetarian, all natural and low cholesterol varieties. We recently added The Farmer’s Hen to our own private brand product family because we’re concerned about the growing health concerns of Americans. Farmer’s Hen specializes in the sale of certified humane, cage free and organic eggs with no antibiotics and no hormones. You’ll find our egg products at major retailers and big box stores like Walmart, A&P, Sam’s Club, Costco, and Stop and Shop. Check out our locations page to see where we sell our eggs near you. Buying cage free NJ eggs has never been easier!

Cage free eggs are just one type of egg we sell, but they are important when considering which products are the best for your family. Cage free egg-laying hens are not confined to small battery cages that prohibit the use of their wings or the ability to turn around; rather, they can roam about the inside of a barn freely, pecking, scratching, nesting, socializing and exercising. While not confined to cages, the birds don’t always get to go outside. Cage free egg farmers can be certified in the following ways: Certified Humane, Animal Welfare Approved, Animal Humane Certified, Food Alliance Certified, or United Egg Producers Certified.

Cage Free Eggs NJ  – Always check your egg carton label to ensure you’re getting the cage free NJ eggs you want. Check expiration dates too. CMC food is your partner in healthy eating. Remember: two eggs a day is OK! To learn more about CMC Food, headquartered in Fanwood NJ with a warehouse in Clark NJ, contact us toll free at 888-569-5900.

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