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Cage Free Eggs NYC | Cage Free Eggs New York City

Cage Free Eggs NYC – Cage Free and Free Range Eggs in NYC From Your Trusted Wholesalers – CMC Food, created in 1984 to bring quality eggs to the public, has always been open and honest about where our eggs come from. From clear labels to top-notch customer service,  we give you superior free range eggs and cage free eggs in NYC, from the family owned and operated company you have come to know and trust for your egg products in New York City.  

Cage Free Eggs NYC

There’s lots of confusion in regards to what constitutes cage free eggs. It doesn’t help that the USDA itself doesn’t set forth clear guidelines – even though farmers and egg producers can get certified via several distinctions such as Certified Humane, Animal Welfare Approved, Animal Humane Certified, Food Alliance Certified, or United Egg Producers Certified, this part of egg production is not clearly regulated by the USDA. In the landscape of poor government-regulated standards in cage free and free range egg production, we try to educate our consumers the best we can.

When you need bulk cage free eggs in NYC for your retail store or just as a regular consumer, we have what you’ve been on the hunt for. The benefits of cage free eggs in NYC are far reaching. First off, they’re healthier than commercial grade eggs, plus cage free hens don’t contract salmonella infection as readily as caged hens. Caged hens are put at greater risk of salmonella than their cage free counterparts because they have a higher stress level and thus are prone to more diseases and infections. In larger flocks, disease spreads faster: the average caged flock has 100,000 hens while the average cage-free flock has just 25,000.

Free Range Eggs

Free range hens, too, are not confined to battery cages. They are similar to cage free, with the major difference being that they have access to the outdoors for part of the day. Funny, though, as many free range hens opt to stay within the relative protection of the barn rather than venture out into the unknown. That said, the option is available to them.

Free range eggs in NYC contain:

  • Less cholesterol and saturated fat
  • More vitamin A and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and beta carotene

Cage Free Eggs NYC – Give CMC Food a Call for Wholesale Eggs in NYC

The Farmer’s Hen is just one of CMC’s private label brands. These cage free eggs in NYC are derived from 100% Certified Humane Raised and Handled as well as USDA Certified Organic hens. The food they eat is vegetarian and organic and they are raised in the USA, with access to chemical-free soil for the highest quality crops.

We know the difference between cage free and free range eggs in NYC can be confusing. That’s why we’re here to answer all your questions when you call us at 888-569-5900. CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs NYC is your #1 source for wholesale eggs throughout the region.