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Cage Free Eggs PA | Cage Free Eggs Pennsylvania

CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs PA – CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs PA is your one-stop-shop for cage free eggs. Why? We stand behind the products we sell. Period. You may be confused as to what cage free means exactly, especially with so many labels out there like organic and free range. Cage free is just how it sounds. These egg-laying hens are not confined to small battery cages that prohibit the use of their wings; rather, they can roam the barn freely to peck, scratch, nest, socialize, and exercise.

Cage free eggs come from cage free chickens, so make sure that’s what your label says. Free range chickens are a bit different in that they are not confined to cages and can roam freely within the barn, plus they have access to the outdoors for part of the day. It’s necessary to note, however, that this area of egg production is not regulated very well by the USDA, with no clear government-regulated standards in “free-range” egg production. Translation: there are no strict rules as to what the birds can be fed and how much, nor about the quality and duration of outdoor life. Yes, they have access to the outdoors but that doesn’t mean they always get it. If you’re imagining chickens frolicking in a field as they please, you’re probably thinking of pasture raised chickens.

Free range eggs and cage free eggs in PA are very similar and therefore are often used interchangeably. Both types of hens may grow up in overpopulated situations and they may be given GMOs or hormones – all of which can lead to confusion on the part of the consumer due to the lack of clear-cut legal standards in all classifications of eggs.

This is why you should always buy cage free eggs in PA from a trusted source. CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs PA is always up-front about the eggs we sell and the chickens they came from. You’ll appreciate our clear labels, with company representatives who are always here to answer your questions.

CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs PA is proud to offer our latest private label brand, The Farmer’s Hen, a USDA Certified Organic product that comes from hens that are provided a 100% organic non-GMO diet and are allowed access to the outdoors. These hens are also 100% cage free, Certified Humane Raised and Handled, vegetarian fed and raised in the USA. Organic farmers are environmentally responsible through their guarantee of using chemical-free soil leading to high-yield crops for hens.

Sometimes finding the best cage free eggs in PA takes diligence when you hit the dairy aisle of the grocery store. Now that you are armed with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision, you can select the right cage free eggs with ease.

CMC Food – Cage Free Eggs PA is your premier source for cage free eggs. Call us today at 888-569-5900.

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