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Free-Range Eggs Packed with Rich Nutrients

Free range eggs provide a vast source of bioactive nutrients Think about the egg: this one food source contains all the nutrients necessary to create life. From one cell to a baby chicken, the egg is an incredible natural wonder – quite possibly the world’s most nutritious food. In fact, pasture-raised eggs or free range [...]

California is the Top Egg Consuming State – Will the Prop 2 Egg Law Affect the Country?

Golden State tops in the nation for egg consumption Californians love their eggs, making the Golden State tops in the nation for egg consumption. It only has 15 million egg-laying hens, though, so it doesn’t take the top spot there, only coming in as fifth biggest egg-producing state, according to Mercury News. Only Iowa, Ohio, [...]

How Egg Producers have Responded to Prop 2

Egg farmers have their hands full... From reduced flock sizes to capital outlays on new cages, egg producers have their hands full these days – but not necessarily their wallets. Per the mandate of Prop 2, the deadline of which has come and gone, farmers of egg-laying hens had two options: build bigger cages for [...]

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The Prop 2 or California Egg Law Fallout — Is There Enough Supply?

California Egg Law fallout With less than a month to go till the January 2015 deadline on Prop 2, farmers near and far are struggling with compliance, to the tune of – in some states – millions of dollars. Putting the issue of farmers and their capital outlays aside for a moment, let’s consider what [...]

Prop 2 Eggs – California Egg Law

CMC Food, Inc. engages in sales and marketing of fresh shell eggs and egg products to retail and wholesale outlets. CMC Food, Inc. markets fresh shell eggs and egg products throughout the North East. We service private label, local label as well as national branded eggs and egg products. If we can be of assistance [...]

Alabama’s Not Giving Up: Will Other Egg Farmers Say Goodbye to California Market Due to Prop 2?

It will certainly be costly for farmers to give up their prime position in the California egg market, but this may be a reality. January 1 will make a lot of farmers face a tough decision. That’s when it will become clear where the farmers stand, and ultimately, where the consumers stand. It will certainly [...]

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Missouri’s Lawsuit May Not Go Away: Can California Really Impose its Animal Care Standards on Other States?

Eggs Farmers will have to pay their dues! While it’s true that a federal judge in Sacramento rejected a lawsuit filed by egg farmers in six Midwestern states. It’s also true that she ruled that no such lawsuit could be revised and then filed again. That may sound pretty cut and dried, but many are [...]

Overturned Prop 2 Lawsuit – Judge Rejects “The California Egg Law”

A stunning blow to the states that filed the lawsuit A few weeks ago, a federal judge rejected a lawsuit that was previously filed by six states against the state of California. This defeat was handed down in a stunning blow to the states that filed the lawsuit, who claimed Prop 2 is unconstitutional. Not [...]

Top 7 reasons Proposition 2, better known as the California Egg Law, will not survive.

Let’s take a look at seven reasons why Prop 2 won’t survive If you’ve been wondering whether the California Egg Law has any legs to stand on, there are many reasons that point to “no.” Just to catch up, Proposition 2 was passed by Golden State voters back in 2008 which essentially mandated that farmers [...]