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Egg Nutrition and Health

Check out these egg nutrition and health benefits…

Perhaps you know that eggs are good for you, but maybe you didn’t realize just how good. Eating eggs as a vital source of nutrition can be incorporated into your daily life in moderation. Whether you eat them scrambled, hard boiled, poached or sunny side up, eggs are a tasty complement to a well-balanced breakfast any day of the week. Check out these egg health benefits:

  • Protein: Chock full of essential amino acids we need to incorporate protein into our bodies, eggs help us repair muscles, create new cells, produce hormones, and even make our hair and nails stronger.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: When you consider that most large eggs contain up to 150 mg Omega-3s, you realize that you’re getting the ultimate protection from anything from strokes and heart disease to arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. Studies are being done showing that eggs can even help fight off particular kinds of cancers.
  • Low in calories: One egg has only 75 calories. Compare that to your average large blueberry muffin (which most people feel is a “healthy” on-the-go breakfast over doughnuts), which contains a whopping 550 calories, according to CalorieLab.
  • Choline: A vital nutrient when it comes to healthy cell membranes and brain development, choline plays a role in reducing your risk of heart disease. If you’re pregnant, good news: choline helps boost your baby’s brain development as well.
  • Heart-healthy fats: Some fats are good for you. In fact, two-thirds of fat contained in eggs is the good kind – also known as unsaturated fat. This can help you fight off heart disease thanks to vitamins B and D, as well as folate.
  • Lutein: Egg yolks contain this antioxidant, and lots of it. Lutein has been shown to cut your risk of contracting age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which can lead to blindness in older adults.
  • Cholesterol factors: Yes, eggs contain cholesterol. Too much of that and you can develop high blood pressure, which is why your doctor will likely tell you to go easy on the eggs. However, one to two eggs per day is OK! Keep up with a healthy diet and exercise routine and there’s no reason to worry.
  • Longer-lasting hunger satisfaction: Eggs are the perfect snack or meal to keep you going longer. The fats and proteins take longer to digest than, say, sugar-based foods, which means that one egg can give you energy for hours. Have one egg in the morning before work and you should be able to make it all the way through till lunch time with no hunger pangs. Try it sometime!

When it comes to egg nutrition, you’ve hit the jackpot with this super food. Think of it as an every-man’s food: you can feed it to picky kids, it makes for a quick meal any time of the day, you can blend it into protein shakes and egg nogs, and use it in any number of baked goods recipes. This dietary powerhouse used to be a no-no in terms of worries about high cholesterol, but in 2000, the American Heart Association reversed its stance and gave healthy people the OK to enjoy their eggs again, says WebMD. So the next time you crack into an egg, think about all the health benefits you’re enjoying when pairing it with an active lifestyle.


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