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CMC Food, Inc – Family owned business since 1984

CMC Food, Inc. is a 2nd generation family owned business since 1984. It all started with Charlie Culley.  Charlie Culley at the time had 32 years in the food industry business when he decided to start his own company.  He started his food industry career at the age of 15 at a local supermarket where he stocked shelves and pushed carts.  As he worked hard Charlie was moving up in the industry and taking on such roles as department management and eventually becoming a store manager. CMC Food Inc. - Farm Fresh Charlie’s retail supermarket career ended as Vice President Director of Dairy & Deli of a large retail supermarket in Long Island, New York.  In 1971 he moved back to New Jersey to become the President of a small egg company that would eventually, under his reign grow into the largest egg company in the New York Metro Market.  Then in 1984 Charlie left the large egg company to start his own company, CMC Food, Inc.

CMC Food, Inc. was born in 1984 where Charlie and his daughter Barbara Culley joined forces to start this family business.  Barbara graduated from Seton Hall in 1984 with a degree in Business Management.

Michael, Charlie’s only son took after his father.  Michael at age 16 started out working in many different departments within supermarkets.  With his love for the business, at age 18 he went to Curry College in Milton Massachusetts where he would double major in Business Management and Communications.  Upon graduation from Curry College in 1993 Michael went to work for the family business.  Today Michael is the president and CEO of CMC Food, Inc. carrying on the family business and aspirations of expanding the business one egg at a time.

Debbie Mastrocola, also a daughter of Charlie’s works in CMC Food, Inc. Debbie has worked in the office for many years, and is currently leading the Orders Department.

Today’s CMC Food Inc. has corporate offices in Fanwood NJ and a 104,000 square foot warehouse facility in Elizabeth NJ. The warehouse contains state of the art machinery including egg grater’s, egg palletiser’s & depalletiser’s, pallet washers and UV sanitation for eggs.