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Welcome to CMC Food

eggs-rCMC Food, Inc. manufactures and produces fresh shell, cage-free and organic farm fresh eggs. CMC Food Inc. engages in sales and marketing of fresh shell eggs and egg products to retail and wholesale outlets. CMC Food, Inc. manufactures and markets cage-free and organic fresh shell eggs and egg products throughout the North East. We service private label, local label as well as national branded eggs and egg products.

In the private label we offer all sizes in USDA, Humane Certified eggs and SQF certified manufacturing plants. We offer all types of eggs from cage free, Organic, Omega 3, and All Natural eggs. We also feature hard cooked eggs, both peeled and shell on.

In the local brand and National branded products we offer many different products. These products include,The Farmers Hen, Egglands Best, Land O’Lake and 4 Grain. These products are offered in all sizes and varieties such as Cage Free, Organic, and Vegetarian and All Natural and Cholesterol conscious eggs.


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The Farmer’s Hen Eggs

Corporate Objectives

Provide our principals & customers with the highest quality of sales and marketing. Market our service into the largest market place in the world where we can deliver superior service, related to market conditions. Market high quality goods in the largest market place, and driving market shares for both our principals and customers. Operate in an ethical environment in which, we have done from the very first day.

If we have not achieved this standard of excellence please contact me directly!

Michael Culley, President

2 Eggs a Day are OK!