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The Health Benefits of Omega-3 Eggs

Omega-3 Eggs – In all the confusion over egg labels these days, it can be hard to keep everything straight. We all know eggs are healthy for us, but omega-3 eggs are especially good for us. They’re high in nutrition and protein, plus omega-3 eggs are now proven to actually lower cholesterol. This comes as great news for people who have been told over and over in the past that eggs are bad for your cholesterol. Now you can eat them guilt-free.

Omega-3 Eggs – From hens who eat a vegetarian diet…

Omega-3 eggs come from hens who eat a vegetarian diet comprised of plants, grains, flaxseed and even seaweed. Fun fact: even though humans cannot, chickens can indeed convert omega-3 as part of flaxseed. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to our bodies because we just can’t make it ourselves. They’re good for our overall health, particularly in the area of cardiovascular benefits. Omega-3 eggs have been known to:

  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Lower triglyceride levels
  • Boost heart health
  • Lower heart attack risk
  • Lessen blood clot risk
  • Provide 1/3 less saturated fat and less cholesterol than standard eggs

According to the American Heart Association, we should all consume omega-3 fatty acids twice per week at least, with those suffering from coronary heart disease eating 1g daily. If you need to cut down on your triglycerides, you should eat between 2 and 4g each day.

Omega-3 Eggs – There are many types of omega-3 eggs on the market today. Always check the carton to see how much omega-3 each egg contains. Look for high contents of DHA and EPA even more so than ALA. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) are both excellent for the brain, eyes, and heart. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) aids in the clotting of the blood, helps build cell membranes in the brain and prevents inflammation. ALA is great for reducing the effects of arthritis, joint pain and stiffness, as well as for treating autoimmune diseases, keeping breast cancer at bay and improving lung function.

All of these confusing elements are exactly why you should pay careful attention to your egg carton labels. Don’t fall for gimmicks and pay more than you have to. Some omega-3 eggs contain ALA Omega-3, but no health benefits of EPA and DHA. Also, several brands out there contain only 32 mg of DHA Omega-3, which means you’d have to consume 10 eggs to get the benefits of just one fish oil supplement. Look for manufacturers that list the amounts of DHA Omega-3 in EACH egg. In general, you want to see a high number here.

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