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Southeast will be the Next Target of the Bird Flu | Bird Flu NJ

The latest bird flu has already wiped out millions of egg-laying hens... You’ve heard of sticker shock at the car dealership, but what about in the egg case at your local supermarket? You’re probably already concerned about the rising cost of eggs, likely paying about $3 per dozen. Would you still shell out the money [...]

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Top 5 Things to Know About Bird Flu

There are health risks associated with bird flu... With the worst-ever outbreak of avian flu resulting in 33.5 million dead or diseased hens and turkeys throughout the Midwest, it’s natural that people have questions about what it is and how it affects them. Aside from increasing the cost of eggs in bakeries and supermarkets, there [...]

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Egg Rationing has Begun as a Result of the Bird Flu

Worst-ever avian flu epidemic this country has ever see... In response to the worst-ever avian flu epidemic this country has ever seen, restaurants, bakeries and food manufacturers are beginning to ration their egg production and consumption due to the skyrocketing prices of this precious staple. This is especially so in Texas, where customers at H-E-B [...]

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