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Tommy Maloney Meats

Tommy MaloneysOur History – With recipes and seasonings that were first produced in the 1960’s in County Limerick, Ireland. Tommy Moloney’s is famous near and far for its Sausages and Traditional Irish Meats.

Over the years many of Ireland’s popular hotels, Supermarkets, Restaurants and other catering establishments have been satisfying the appetites of valued customers with the distinctive flavor of Moloney’s traditional recipes and seasonings.

From Ireland to New York – Our proud tradition of providing quality service in the supply of traditional Irish meats is now brought to you in the United States by our new generation Moloney’s butchers.

With a passion for quality, Tommy Moloney’s Fresh Pork Division is presenting a brand new approach to hog fabrication. Tommy Moloney’s distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering a lighter and younger hog, which results in a finished product that is consistently lean and tender making a savory cuisine. Utilizing only Grade #1 hogs, our fresh pork products are as distinctive as they are delicious

Tommy Moloney’s all natural free-range pork is the #1 choice when it comes to fresh pork we guarantee it. From thick, juicy pork chops, savory hams, flavorful bacon and tender roasts, the passion and pride we put into bringing you the highest quality pork product can be summed up with one taste. We are confident that you will find that all of the production protocols we take in producing our pork creates huge difference in the taste and quality of our meat. At Tommy Moloney’s we keep everything simple and natural, the way things should be… From the farm to you and nothing more.

Fresh from our lush Farm Lands Tommy Moloney’s Fresh Pork is handcrafted and made the old-fashioned way. When it comes to raising our pork we try keeping it as simple as possible, we let nature take its course. Our pigs live happy, natural lives filled with grazing, rutting, wallowing and bathing. They live in a free-range environment stress free, letting them roam on our grass, clover and barley pastures where they are free to root for food. This provides the pigs with a more wholesome natural feed and a cleaner environment but we do sometimes supplement some of their feed with vegetables scraps, local milk and corn. We like to make sure our pig’s diets are full of nutrition they need to keep them healthy and happy. We find that letting our pigs do what they were born to do, produces a more natural and healthier pork product that has such incredible flavor.