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Top 4 Reasons to Buy Organic Eggs

Ever wonder what that “organic” stamp on the side means?

When you’re at the grocery store and you grab a carton of eggs, do you take a moment to look at the labels? Ever wonder what that “organic” stamp on the side means? You may notice a higher price, but what are you paying more for, exactly? They don’t look different, and many say they don’t taste much different, so what’s the big deal? Let’s check out for main reasons why you should buy organic eggs:

  1. No antibiotics. The hens that laid those eggs are not given antibiotics, as opposed to conventionally raised hens – even those who are healthy — that are often given preventive antibiotics. This is because disease can spread fast when chickens are all cramped into one big space, such as those in battery cages within farm factories. With doctors now saying that unnecessary antibiotics can lower our resistance in general, it’s wise to stay away from this at all costs. When you buy organic eggs, you can rest assured you’re not ingesting anything you don’t need. Save the antibiotic treatment for when you get strep throat!
  2. Environmentally-friendly practices. Hens raised on organic farms are brought up within an environment of healthy living. This means these farmers do their part to reduce pollution, foster healthy soil, and conserve water – all ways our children can benefit from a clean, sustainable living environment now and in the future.
  3. No chemicals. Organic eggs come from chickens that feed on crops that are not treated with any chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Conventional farmers use these chemicals to keep pests and diseases at bay, but the chemicals on the crops are ingested by the hens, which can be transferred into the eggs they lay. You don’t want to eat anything that has added chemicals in it, as this is a threat to your own health and safety. We are all subjected to enough negative environmental influences and don’t need to add any more.
  4. No GMOs. Look closely at the label and see if your eggs say “no GMOs” – which stands for genetically modified organisms. It’s important to consume eggs that contain no animal by-products or GMOs, which come from seeds that have been genetically altered by scientists. Hens can also be fed enhanced diets with animal by-products like waste from a slaughter house. Non-GMO organic eggs are your best bet.

Buying organic for the above reasons will aid not only in your health but also your peace of mind. Knowing you’re consuming only organic products will ensure you’re getting what you pay for and nothing else. Yes, you will shell out a little more per carton, but overall the consensus is that organic eggs are worth it. Think of the above reasons the next time you hurriedly grab eggs at the market. That “organic” label will make more sense to you now!

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