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Top 4 Reasons to Eat Free Range Eggs

Eggs that are laid by hens with a nutritious diet and healthy habitat will in turn be healthier for you

“You are what you eat.” This phrase gets tossed around a lot and its meaning tends to get lost, but this old adage is certainly a true statement when it comes to the consumption of eggs. It makes sense that consuming eggs that are laid by hens with a nutritious diet and healthy habitat will in turn be healthier for you. Check out these top four reasons to eat free range eggs.

  1. Lower your cholesterol. Studies show that free range eggs are simply healthier for you than those that come from battery caged hens. They typically feature less cholesterol and saturated fat that can clog your arteries and lead to heart attack. This is in line with the American Heart Association’s recommendation that consumers reduce their intake of saturated fat and cholesterol to cut not only the risk of heart disease but stroke as well. Overall, chickens that eat natural diets of grains, green plants and insects pass on that benefit to the consumer in the form of more nutritious eggs, says SF Gate.
  2. Get more vitamins. Free range eggs also contain more of the vitamins you need for healthy development. Vitamin A promotes better teeth, bones and soft tissue, as well as better vision. Vitamin E is a vital cell-protecting antioxidant that boosts healthy blood and circulatory system operations. Tests reveal free range eggs have three times the amount of vitamin E than conventional eggs.
  3. Benefit from omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids must come from food, meaning your body doesn’t naturally produce them. You can get omega-3 fatty acids most prevalently from fish such as salmon, along with eggs. High amounts of these essential fatty acids in your body can help you fight off diabetes, stroke, arthritis, some forms of cancer, digestive problems and even dementia. Studies show free range eggs contain two to three times more omega-3 fatty acids than conventional eggs.
  4. Humane treatment of chickens. Egg-laying hens that are kept in tiny battery cages all day long never see the light of day. They can become aggressive with each other and even depressed because they simply don’t have any room to turn around, stretch their wings, peck, scratch or engage in any other natural behavior. While there are flaws in the regulatory system, free range hens still have it better than caged hens because they have daily access to the outdoors where they can feed on natural pasture. They have room to roam about and can head indoors for shelter and protection from predators when needed. Humane treatment of egg laying hens is at the heart of Prop 2 passed in California, which is attempting to phase out the use of battery cages.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you should start eating free range eggs. Take a moment at the grocery store to check labels and ensure you’re buying from reputable farming operations.


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