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Wholesale Eggs RI | Wholesale Eggs Rhode Island

Wholesale Eggs RI – CMC is Your Top Choice for Quality Wholesale Eggs – Buying your eggs in bulk can save you lots of money, whether you’re a consumer or a retailer. CMC Food – Wholesale Eggs RI is happy to sell wholesale eggs to a variety of clients. We’ve been at this since 1984 and are proud to be a family owned and operated company. From organic to vegetarian, you can get our eggs at a bargain price. So, if you want to partner with someone you can trust for wholesale eggs in RI, we are the ones to turn to for affordable bulk prices.

Our manufacturing and production processes result in fresh shell, cage-free and organic farm fresh eggs, which we sell and market to both retail and wholesale outlets. Throughout the Northeast, our clients can benefit from the bulk purchase of cage-free and organic fresh shell eggs as well as all local and national branded egg products such as:

  • The Farmers Hen
  • Egglands Best
  • Land O’Lakes
  • 4 Grain

Our newest private label venture is The Farmer’s Hen. When you buy our wholesale eggs in RI, you get the assurances of:

  • Vegetarian fed hens, with absolutely no antibiotics and no hormones
  • USDA Certified Organic: 100% organic non-GMO diet for hens, with access to the outdoors.
  • 100% cage free: Certified Humane Raised and Handled: conventionally-grown, high-quality diet for hens
  • Born in the USA: always
  • Environmentally responsible: Organic farmers guarantee healthy, chemical-free soil resulting in high-yield crops for their hens.

Located in Fanwood NJ, CMC Food – Wholesale Eggs RI has a goal of giving our customers the highest quality of sales and marketing, forming the basis of our partnership with suppliers to ensure top-quality wholesale eggs in RI. A promise of 100% customer service is what you get with us, as an honest, ethical company that operates on the philosophy of family and treating customers right.

Our wholesale eggs in RI come in a variety of offerings, such as hormone free, cage free, free range, organic, Omega-3, vegetarian, all natural and cholesterol conscious eggs. From cooked eggs that are peeled or that have the shell on, you can count on us for compliance in USDA, Humane Certified eggs and SQF certified manufacturing plants.

Wholesale Eggs RI – Getting the Record Straight

The egg aisle at the supermarket may cause you some confusion. After all, the labels are all different but which ones can you trust? Let’s take cage free eggs, for example, which come from cage free chickens that aren’t kept in a cage. However, they aren’t given access to the outdoors like free range chickens (who incidentally also are not kept in battery cages). That’s the main difference between the two.  however, free range chickens are slightly different. Similar to cage free chickens, free range chickens are not kept in small battery cages and can roam around within the barn. However, they can go outdoors where cage free chickens don’t necessarily have this privilege.

Let’s take a look at Omega-3 eggs, which originate from hens who eat a vegetarian diet chock full of plants, grains, flaxseed and seaweed. Omega-3 fatty acids are desirable for humans because they give us untold cardiovascular benefits. Organic eggs come from chickens that are fed organic food, and given access to the outdoors without being kept in battery cages. Organic feed is so labeled because it has no additives, growth hormones, animal byproducts or GMOs.

CMC Food – Wholesale Eggs RI can be counted on to provide you with quality, wholesome wholesale eggs in RI. Check out the CMC difference when you call 888-569-5900.

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